Mask- and Glasses lace - ETUUI

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Get your kids a cute playful mask band now and take away their fear of losing or forgetting their own mask at school.

Relaxed and playful through the mask duty!

Who doesn't know it?

Forgotten mask

Mask lost while playing

Mask stuffed in your pocket

Mask disappeared deep in school satchel

Mask forgotten in the sports locker room

Mask forgotten in classroom

Mask touched a thousand times

Mask fallen into the dirt in the schoolyard

or the mask mega uncool pulled over the upper arm

Mask here, mask there, just annoying , but unfortunately necessary at the moment.

This new unloved accessory is also now part of the everyday life of our children and that will unfortunately probably remain so for a while.

But here comes the simple, ultimate and super chic solution:

Just hang the unloved thing around your loved ones' necks with our mega cute masking lace!

Browse our extensive range and choose with your loved ones to match their look cute mask lace! And when the masks are no longer trendy, use it as a cool glasses lace.

"Easy, chic and super smart - the new mask or glasses lace from ETUUI for your kids!"

Size: 60 cm

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