Johanna Doll - Liewood

Lieferung in 1-3 Tagen in 1 - 3 Tagen
100% Stylisch 100% Stylisch

This super cute Liewood doll is waiting for a new home!
The doll wants to accompany your child everywhere and is suitable for cuddling and playing. She has a wonderfully soft surface and not only the striped stockings and knitted dress make her unique, but also the braided pigtails. The Liewood doll is 30 cm tall and available in 3 different designs. Your Schaatzi can choose her new favourite doll from Johanna, Iris and Harris Superhero.

- Material: 100% organic cotton
- Filling material: 100% polyester


Colour name: Golden caramel
Style name: Johanna
Shades: Black, Off-white, Cream, Pink, Light red, Brown, Mustard

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